Digital Security and Privacy

The feminist approach to digital security and privacy relates to a wide array of issues, phenomena, and policies.

The feminist approach to digital security and privacy is especially focused on the gender dimension of security, as well as the issue of online gender based violence. It entails a holistic approach to security, making no distinction between online/offline environments or physical/digital/virtual, since attacks against women’s security and privacy tend to spill over from one to another environment and have no clearly defined boundaries.

Most of AGC’s activities pertaining to digital security and privacy focus on potential outside attacks on hardware (computers, laptops, and cell phones), online accounts, databases, and systems. Another important aspect of AGC’s work in this regard is raising women’s and girls’ (but also the general public’s) awareness about the importance of implementing security measures. Additionally, we focus on advocating for women and girls in STEM. Seeing as there is a gender gap in the hi-tech world, we put emphasis on those non-tech factors which influence the digital landscape and make it inaccessible, intolerant, and violent to women and girls.

AGC’s team has been working on the digital security issue since 2016, and has been unselfishly sharing knowledge and experiences with the feminist movement and the activist community which works on human/digital rights and freedoms. On the other hand, the wealth of information and knowledge we possess comes from numerous predecessors who cleared these digital paths for us, taught us to love and to use technology and approach it through a complex prism of social relations.