About us


Advancement and protection of women’s/human rights through empowerment and education of girls, young women and other youth, and affirmation of feministic values, peace, youth and cultural policies at a local, national and regional level.


A society of equal possibilities for everyone regardless of differences, in all sectors of life and its functioning.


The Alternative Girls’ Center is an organization that works on advancing and protecting women’s human rights and those of marginalized groups, with a focus on and care for the rights of young women and girls. The organization was established in 2013 in Krusevac (Serbia), guided by a vision of an equal society and equal possibilities for everyone regardless of their differences. We support women’s conscience raising, and encourage girls and young women to use critical thinking and take action by offering them programs aimed at prevention of gender based violence, integrated security and mental health, digital security and privacy, and women’s peace activism. We endure on our quest to educate people about the challenges girls and young women face, we celebrate their strength, intelligence and capabilities. We are proud of the fact that large numbers of young women and girls trust us and share joy with us, that they participate in our educational and empowerment activities where, together, we expand spaces of freedom, creativity and women’s solidarity.

The AGC organizes digital and integrated security training for activists, and in cooperation with the Women’s Kosovo Network in 2014 we initiated the Feminist Spring School, which we later continued organizing with Artpolis from Pristina in Kosovo. The school has so far been attended by more than 180 young women from Serbia and Kosovo. Another initiative we have undertaken is that of a feminist philanthropy program – Support Super Girls. This program is based on crowdfunding and intended for the promotion and support of the rights of girls. Since its establishment the AGC has implemented several dozen projects, trainings, and programs in the aim of advancing women’s rights and security, peace building and offering support to young women and girls.


Jelena Memet (Executive Director), feminist, longtime peace activist in Serbia and the region, one of the founders and representatives of the Alternative Girls’ Center since 2013. She has been working on empowering girls and young women for more than 16 years, by raising their consciousness about the prevention of gender based violence and digital violence, peace policies, digital and integrated security. She is one of the founders of the Feminist Spring School program intended for young women from Kosovo and Serbia which has been organized for 9 years now, all in the aim of peace building, dismantling prejudices, and enabling dialogue between young women from Kosovo and Serbia. As of recently, she has begun working on philanthropy aimed at supporting and empowering girls.

Andrijana Kocic (Program Director), activist, feminist, committed to understanding and analyzing social and political processes on the territories of former Yugoslavia. Her work focuses on culture, social, peace, and a wide range of humane and security policies.

Anita Pantelić (Program Coordinator), historian, feminist activist. Interested in the history of social phenomena, women’s history and the history of women’s movements. Anita is dedicated to the ideas of feminism as a framework which offers thorough examination of social inequalities and power relations. The last couple of years she has invested in learning about feminist approaches to technology and digital gender based violence.

Selena Simić (Communications Manager) , communicologist, drummer and feminist activist. One of the founding members of the Rock Camp for Girls, and from 2013 a member of the Women Street Drummers group – an informal group which supports the women’s movement by accompanying protests and events with drumming.