On Sunday, October 8th, at Dorcol Platz, we commemorated 10 years since the Alternative Girls’ Center was established, and organized a benefit party for Super Girls scholarships!

We’d like to use this occasion to thank everyone who came and made our event even better, as well as everyone who donated money and bingo items. Because of all of this we managed to collect an additional 85 230 dinars that will enable us to ensure even more girls to receive scholarships!

We especially want to thank Dorcol Platz for their hospitality, DJ Casna Sestra for the wonderful music and happy atmosphere, Women Street Drummers for the magnificent opening drum roll, Horkestar for a very energetic performance, scholarship awardees Kristina Vasic and Andelka Petkovic, and volunteer Visnja Ristic for the wonderful music notes, Selena Simic for a wild bingo ride, and her assistant Andela Memet, our adored volunteers, and of course, our amazing host Filip Vukoicic for leading us through the whole program and for supporting us for years. 

Sanja Filipovic from Candy Carnival BG supplied the cake, while Danijela Radojkic took great photos.